Me in the Wilhelma in Stuttgart

Picture of me in the Wilhelma in Stuttgart summer 2003.

About me...

Short curriculum

born 28.6.1969 in Erlangen (Bavaria, southern germany). There I spent the first 5 years of my life. After this we moved to Achim, a small town near Bremen (in northern germany), where I attended the first two years in school.

Since then my principal residence is Neuss, a town of about 150 thousand inhabitants on the rhine, in the very western part of germany. After the primary school, I attended the Quirinus-Gymnasium (a certain kind of secondary school).

In 1989 I began studiing math at the university of Bonn, finishing with the diploma in summer 1995. After this I worked as scientific employee. Regions of interests were: Riemann surfaces, hyperbolic geometry and isosystolic inequalities.

From beginning 2000 until march 2002 I worked as a programmer for the Utimaco AG in Aachen. Then unemployed until september 2003. Since then teacher for mathematics and physics at the Papst-Johannes-XXIII-Schule in Stommeln near Cologne (without homepage).


are none of your business (unless you don't know them anyway). Ok. Botany and computers are obviously two of them.

What is Ijon?

Ijon used to be my player name, when I still had time (sigh!) to play. Ijon Tichy is the central caracter of a book of Stanislaw Lem. (I don't know the english title, "Star Diaries" perhaps?)

Personal homepages of friends

have become very rare since all people are ready with university.


From my webhoster I get the server log files, so I can produce som additional statistics.

by Michael Becker, 1998. Translated 6/2002. Last modification: 12/2004.