Family: Grimmiaceae, Order: Grimmiales(de)

This genus can be found on the whole world. It consists of plants, which form cushions, but whose stems are partially decumbent.

The lanceolate leaves end with a glass hair or not. The cells are short rectangulair and smooth. The difference between the genera Grimmia and Schistidium is, that the columella (in the middle of the capsule) falls off together with the operculum in Schistidium. The seta is shorter than the capsule, so that the capsules are immersed in the leaves, or are raised only very bit over them.

Schistidium apocarpum (Hedw.) BSG.

The leaves of the plants of this species have a glass hair. Their edge is entire, and the leaves are not secund. The capsules are raised a very little bit over the leaves.

Schistidium apocarpum is a rather common moss in the whole world, which grows even in cities on walls or rocks, often together with Grimmia pulvinata. It preferes calciferous stone, e.g. cement or old concrete.

Schistidium apocarpum

Schistidium apocarpum.

by Michael Becker, 11/2000. Translated: 5/2002:
Last modification: 11/2000.