Leaf of Myurella tenerrima

Leaf of Myurella teneriiam. Its hollowness can be seen rather well: The middle part is blurred, whereas the edges of the leaf were in the focus. I found the specimen, of which the picture shows a leaf, in the Thorsmørk on Iceland.

Myurella tenerrima (Brid.)Lindb.

Family: Pterigynandraceae, Order: Thuidiales

The plants of this genus are typical representants of the family: The rounded leaves are very hollow and imbricate, so that the stems are rounded like worms. The edges of the leaves are finely denticulated. A midrib doesn't exist or is short and double. The cells of the leaf blade are elliptic and with spiny papillas.

The leaves of the species Myurella tenerrima (="Myurella apiculata (Sommerf.)BSG") are characterised by a long and clearly distinguished acumen. The teeth on the leaves edge are small and consist only of some projecting cell corners.

The species forms small slighlty bluish or yellowish-green turfs, often between other mosses in cracks or on earthy rocks. The plants are small, 1-2cm long, and more or less unramified. The species can be found in northern europe, and in germany only in the alps and in the Allgäu.

by Michael Becker, 2/2002. Translated: 4/2002:
Last modification: 2/2002.