Stämmchen von Homalia trichomanoides

Homalia trichomanoides

Homalia trichomanoides (Hedw.) BSG

Family: Neckeracae(de), Order: Neckerales(de)

The species of the genus Homalia are very similar to some species of the genus Neckera . But under the microscope they are in most cases easy to recognize by their leaves, which end obtusely, and not with a distinguished tip as in Neckera. Besides there are only few Neckera species with midrib, and few Homalia species without midrib. A sure caracteristics is the peristome, which is densly cross striate in Homalia, whereas the peristome of Neckera is striate only at the base. But the distinction of those two genera is not very clear and there are some species, which are put sometime into the one, sometime into the other genus. In total there are -depending on the view- about 20 Homalia species. In Europe (incl. Canaries and Madeira) 3 or 4, in central Europe 1 or 2.

The midrib of the leaves of Homalia trichomanoides end approximately in the middle of the leaf. At the tip the leaves are a bit denticulated. The leaves are often turned down at the side of the stems, so that the plants are arched in cross-section.

The species can be found in whole Europe, in the flatlands more seldom than in the mountains. It forms in most cases smaller oily glossy turfs on shady places on earth, rocks or barc.

by Michael Becker, 2/2002. Translated: 4/2002:
Last modification: 2/2002.