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grabbing usenet articles


nntpget-0.03.tgz (20K) [The executable is stripped about 23K groß. The package contains the sources and a man-page template.]

(requires the standard include files and the include files for networking.)


nntpget is a very simple program: It connects to a NNTP-server, requests all articles of some given group, whose subjects match one or more regular expressions, and saves them in the working directory into files named after their article IDs. It doesn't do any decoding or threading.

Here an example:

  nntpget -g alt.binaries.some.music.de mp3

loads all articles of the group alt.binaries.some.music.de, of which the subject contains the word "mp3", independent of what the articles really contain.


All parts of the program are under the BSD-licence.

System requirements

The program compiles with gcc and the GNU C library and runs on my linux boxes (SuSE-6.4 and 7.2). It should be not too difficult to port it to other Compilers or C-libraries, but because of the networking things, more difficult to port it to other systems.

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