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shows loads of network devices


netload-0.02.tgz (15K) [The executable code ist stripped about 21KB. The package contains the sources and a man page template.]

(requires GTK and the standard and networking include files.)


netload is a program, which opens a non resizable window, in which it shows the load of some network device, i.e. the number of received and transmitted bytes per time unit, as a diagram running from the right to the left.

The screenshot shows the load through the ppp0 interface (analogue modem) of the first 7 minutes of one of my internet sessions. The blue lines correspond to the received bytes, the red ones to the transmitted bytes. (Here the window manager is WindowMaker.) The scale, i.e. the number of bytes corresponding to the total height of the window, is adjusted dynamically.


All parts of the program are under the BSD-Licence.

System requirements

The program runs on my Linux box (SuSE-6.4) with an old 2.2 kernel, and compiles with gcc. It requires the GTK libraries for the graphical display. (I have an 1.2 version, but it should also work with newer version, because no complicated things are used.)

Normally the program reads the interface statistics from the /proc file system (from /proc/net/dev). In my system this file has the following format:

  Inter-|   Receive                                                |  Transmit
   face |bytes    packets errs drop fifo frame compressed multicast|bytes    packets errs drop fifo colls carrier compressed
      lo: 5144014    2902    0    0    0     0          0         0  5144014    2902    0    0    0     0       0          0
    eth0:       0       0    0    0    0     0          0         0     2700      45    0    0    0     0       0          0

I don't know, whether this format was changed in the more recent kernels. Perhaps the function, which parses this text, has to be adapted.

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