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strips some tags from html text


html212ascii-0.02.tgz (5K) [The executable is stripped about 8K. The package contains the sources and a man-page template.]

(requires only the standard include files.)


html212ascii converts a html text to "half" an ascii text. (Hence the name.) More precisely it replaces <p>, </p> and <br> with newlines, demasks german special characters as &auml; and does some other things.

It is not a full-grown html->ascii-converter. Neither any kind of formatting is done, nor are all html-tags interpreted. (But there is a possibility to remove all non-interpreted tags.) Basically this tiny program is only some kind or preprocessor for fortext and not of much use otherwise.


All parts of the program are under the BSD-licence.

System requirements

The program compiles with gcc and runs on my linux boxes (SuSE-6.4 and 7.2), but it should be not too difficult to port it to other systems, C-libraries and compilers, the more so as the code is not large.

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